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Free Mastermind

The support doesn't end at the end of the month! For anyone interested and ready to commit to growth, we'll place you in small mastermind groups to help you collaborate and bounce ideas off each other. 

Happy Hour Q&A

Join everyone Friday night for a drink and a causal chat about marketing. If you missed any live sessions, this is a great time to ask your questions. 

How to Make High-Value Videos

With Jes McGinley & Laney Ruddell

Learn different ways to use (and re-use) video in your business. Jes has nearly 100k followers and over 3.5M likes on TikTok, and Laney is our very own insta expert. There are a ton of ways to use video to promote your products and services without spending a ton of your time. Video can be intimidating, but they'll discuss how you can do it with or without your face, dancing, or pointing, no matter what you sell!!

Quick and Easy Content Creation

With Britney Crosson & Carley Zuercher

Content creation can feel daunting and stressful when you have 1308573 other things on your to-do list. Britney is a pro when it comes to creating content and making the most of it. She's going to talk us through some easy ways to create more content without overcomplicating it. Britney is a mom, entrepreneur, podcast host, speaker, and so much more. Like most of us, she doesn't have time to mess around when it comes to creating content. If you're juggling all the things, but to make more content, don't miss this session! 

From Search to Sale

With Laney Ruddell

Raise your hand if you know nothing about SEO (Seach Engine Optimization)! Most small businesses don't understand SEO or utilize it to expand their reach. When you show up in searches, you get found, and that's the first step in getting leads and turning them into clients.  Laney will teach the keys and steps to SEO so we can start getting in front of the people looking for what you're selling. 

Etsy Essentials

With Carley Zuercher

Take the guessing and intimidation out of Etsy and learn the must-have Etsy Essentials to get your shop off the ground. Learn how to make your shop more appealing to the algorithm and to the buyers that land on your shop. We'll talk about organic Etsy growth, so you don't have to rely on other platforms to drive your traffic. 

Websites that Work (Live Web Audits)

With Abbie Smith and Laney Ruddell

Abbie is giving away three website audits! As if that's not good enough, we will all get to watch it live and learn from what others are doing! She'll tell us the important pieces that all websites need to create a cohesive and easy user experience, plus the juicy specifics you can make your own to create a unique website. Whether you're just getting started or you're ready for a full refresh, this will save ya a ton of time!

Lead Generation and Facebook Groups

With Sam DiNicola & Carley Zuercher

If you want more leads coming in, this is a great place to start. Sam is a pro when it comes to getting quality leads and using Facebook groups to find clients. She's used Facebook groups to grow her business to six figures in less than two years, and you can too! Her strategies work across any industry, even if you're thinking this isn't going to work for you--get ready to have your mind blown. 

Pinterest Like a Pro

With Carley Zuercher

A crash course in everything you need to do on Pinterest in 2021 so that you can spend less time on there and get more clients. We'll cover all the basics like writing descriptions, account basics, best picture practices, and you can ask Carley any questions you have! 

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