What do you really want for your business?

You want the freedom to make choices based on your desire to do something, not your financial need.
You want things to be easier and less time consuming, so you can focus on the things that light you up.
Or maybe you want that feeling of peace that comes from knowing where your next paycheck is coming from but you can't figure out what other people are always doing to have a fully booked calendar.


We get it. We've been there. We know that wearing all the hats in your business is a fashion statement that only business owners understand and that hanging up a couple of those hats while still being able to grow your business is the dream.


That's why we made The Client Bundle for YOU.


When you join The Client Bundle you get access to...

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The Instagram Guide for Creatives from Design by Laney

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The Ultimate Pinterest Guide From Twocan


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Networking for Creatives by The Client Bundle

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Get More Leads from Facebook Groups from Sam DiNicola Digital

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Focused Branding by Paragraph Branding House

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SEO Guide for Creatives from Design by Laney


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The Easy Etsy Guide from Twocan

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Exclusive bonuses from Twocan, Design by Laney and The Client Bundle


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Learn about the NEW Master Your Marketing Retreat
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Jes McGinley from JesMarried

"My favorite resource in The Client Bundle is the Get More Leads From Facebook Groups by Sam DiNicola. I spent less than 2 hours in Facebook Groups that contained my target audience (brides), and in that time, I got multiple brides interested in my product/services, 20-30 new followers on Instagram, one wedding invitation lead, and one order!"

The Client Bundle



  • Instant access to 7 ebooks covering Instagram, Facebook Groups, Etsy, Pinterest, SEO, Branding, and Networking
  • 7 freebies including Copy and Paste Email Templates, 70 Instagram Caption ideas, Marketing Campaign worksheet, and more
  • Exclusive Facebook Community
  • Promoted Pin Power Hour Course
  • Monthly Live trainings in the Facebook (Etsy, Branding and a Q&A are ready to be watched!)
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Want a taste?

Watch our free masterclass replay: How to Make More Money and Find More Clients On the Platforms You're Already Using!


About the Guides...

Instagram Guide for Creatives

Look past your likes with this 60+ page strategy guide for Instagram. Design by Laney brings in over 65% of their revenue on Instagram, and she's sharing her best tricks and hacks to make Instagram work for you. Spend less time stressing over captions and create an Algorithm-Proof, audience-focused, selling machine.

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide

Carley regularly has over 1 MILLION monthly viewers on Pinterest, resulting in about 50% of her invitation clients. These clients from Pinterest are not only coming effortlessly, but they're also her highest paying clients. This 60+ page guide shows her Pinterest mindset from start to finish - with all the tips to get your work seen (and paid for)! This guide also includes workbook pages to track your progress!

Networking Guide for Creatives

Networking (referrals, personal + industry connections) is the #1 platform where creatives are making money - but it's still scary! In this 20-page guide, learn where to start, how to choose the right contacts, and what to say after you start that conversation. Use the power of your existing networks to build brand awareness and book more clients while living your life.

Focused Branding

Brands need more than a logo and color palette to inspire a purchase. To bring in more clients, you have to do the work to make your brand look professional and credible. This 40-page workbook will help you find brand clarity, streamline your brand visuals, and level-up your brand reach to ultimately get you more clients

Get More Leads From Facebook Groups

Facebook marketing doesn't have to be about ads! In this 23-page guide, Learn how Sam grew her business to over $150k in leads generated from organic interaction in Facebook Groups! This guide will show you that Facebook is so much more than a social media platform - but also a great source of new leads! 

The Easy Etsy Guide

Carley sells semi-custom invitations on Etsy, generating as much as $144,000 from Etsy sales in one year! She's often on the front page of Etsy when you search "wedding invitations" with little-to-no promoted (paid) listings. The Easy Etsy Guide will help you get there, too, so the sales will start rolling in! In this 60+ Page guide, learn how to get more sales!

SEO Guide for Creatives

Optimize your web presence for more organic traffic, more leads, and of course - more money! The SEO Guide for Creatives is a 36-page guide that outlines why you need Search Engine Optimization and some simple ways to optimize your own web presence to increase your results

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Give me all the guides now!

About the Bonuses...

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A Styled Shoot Checklist

This 3-page guide will help you decide if a shoot is the right fit for you, and give you actionable steps to take before, during, and after the styled shoot! Learn how to monetize styled shoots and use them to find clients. 

Copy and Paste Email Templates

Learn best practices and tips when it comes to sending tough emails and get 8 copy and paste email templates that cover: (2) following up with leads, (2) asking for reviews, (2) stationers specific ones: invitation sample follow up and post custom order, (2) networking connections. Copy and paste, combine, or make them your own! 

The Client Bundle Road Map (flow chart)

Figure out the best place to start (it might not be where to you think!)

Etsy Excel Calculator

Figure out what your profit margins really are after all those Etsy fees. Plugin your numbers and take back the control of your Etsy shop. 

70 Instagram Caption Ideas

Just as it sounds! Laney has come up with SEVENTY ideas to help you write captions when you feel like you have nothing to say (we've all been there!). Combined with the Instagram Guide for Creatives, you'll be an Instagram Pro! 

TCB Survey Results

Find out what other creatives are doing and learn fun facts about all the platforms. 

Marketing Campaign Worksheet

Create a strategy for your next marketing campaign! Map out the steps you need to succeed with this worksheet.  

"Just opened up the bonus content and have been browsing the sample templates and am loving it! Some of the wording I just get stuck on at times so this is great :)"

The Facebook Community

We're filling this exclusive Facebook Group (called the Client Community) with hardworking business owners who are ready to find support and be supportive of like-minded people! This group is designed to answer strategy questions you have about the guides, help you handle those clients you're bound to get and build relationships with other creatives. #communityovercompetition.

But that's not all! We're going to be doing LIVE trainings on things like Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, Mindset, and so much more.

We will also be doing LIVE audits of accounts so you can learn what others are doing wrong and right and apply it to your own business.

What people are saying...


"Just finished the branding guide and it was so helpful to find a focus point going into the rest of the guides!"


"I started with the SEO guide. So helpful! SEO is something I've just always ignored because I had no idea what it meant lol so this was extremely helpful and made me finally sit down and do it!"


"Learning so much I couldn’t have possibly learned this fast from any other resources."


"The Instagram one has far exceeded my expectations! Looking forward to the rest!"


"I started with the "where to start guide" which told me to jump into focused branding! So far I am SOOOOO inspired!"


"I started with the branding section and... WOW!"


Buy now and see for yourself!
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