You do a lot behind the scenes.

We see you. We get it. We're right there with you.

Taking pictures, posting on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Making listings on Etsy, making the products, and providing the services, and you're supposed just to know how to do it all AND find all the clients?

That's a lot, and we're just scraping the surface of what you do every week, right?

The hardest (and most important) part of it all is landing the clients. You love doing your work, but you hate trying to find clients. All the guessing, trial and error, follow-up emails just to get ghosted.

Drop all that drama and learn how to use your marketing strategies to get clients, so that you can spend more time doing the things that you love. 

Getting new clients doesn’t have to be hard. 

What would happen if your calendar was completely full and it took little to no effort?

There are tons of avenues to sell your product or service, but which one is right for you?

If you understand the strategies that work, then booking clients becomes stress-free







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The Instagram Guide for Creatives from Design by Laney

Look past your likes with this strategy guide for Instagram. Design by Laney brings in over 65% of their revenue on Instagram, and she's sharing her best tricks and hacks to make Instagram work for you. Spend less time stressing over captions and create an Algorithm-Proof, audience-focused, selling machine.

The Ultimate Pinterest Guide From Twocan

Carley regularly has over 1 MILLION monthly viewers on Pinterest, resulting in about 50% of her invitations clients. These clients from Pinterest are not only coming effortlessly, they're her highest paying clients. This guide shows her Pinterest mindset from start to finish - with all the tips to get your work seen (and paid for)!


Networking for Creatives by The Client Bundle

Networking (referrals, personal + industry connections) is the #1 platform where creatives are making money - but it's still scary! Learn where to start, how to choose the right contacts, and what to say after you start that conversation. Use the power of your existing networks to build brand awareness and book more clients while living your life. 

Focused Branding by Paragraph Branding House

Brands need more than a logo and color palette to inspire purchase. To bring in more clients, you have to do the work to make your brand look professional and credible. This guidebook will help you find brand clarity, streamline your brand visuals, and level-up your brand reach to ultimately get you more clients. 

Get More Leads from Facebook Groups from Sam DiNicola Digital

Facebook marketing doesn't have to be about ads! Learn how Sam grew her business to over $150k in leads generated from organic interaction in Facebook Groups! This guide will show you that Facebook is so much more than a social media platform - but also a great source of new leads! 

SEO Guide for Creatives from Design by Laney

Optimize your web presence for more organic traffic, more leads, and of course - more money! The SEO Guide for Creatives outlines why you need Search Engine Optimization and some simple ways to optimize your own web presence to increase your results

The Easy Etsy Guide from Twocan

Carley sells semi-custom invitations on Etsy, generating as much as $144,000 from Etsy sales in one year! She’s often on the front page of Etsy when you search “wedding invitations” with little-to-no promoted (paid) listings. The Easy Etsy Guide will help you get there too so the sales will start rolling in!

Exclusive bonuses from Twocan, Design by Laney and The Client Bundle

Marketing Campaign Worksheet, Copy/Paste Email Templates, Styled Shoot Checklist, Ideal Client Worksheet - and more!

Don't forget about our Private Facebook Community too!

The Client Bundle

When you join The Client Bundle, you get access to a collection of resources all focused on how you can find paying clients as a creative business owner.

Seven ebooks

Get seven ebooks and learn how to get clients via Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, SEO, Networking and with Branding! These are valued at over $400!

Bonus Content

In addition to $400 in resources, you'll get freebies and extras that you can't buy ANYWHERE else like: Copy and Paste Email Templates, Checklists, Worksheets, and Flow Charts to help you get your marketing efforts in order! 

Facebook Community

We're stronger together, right? We've created a private Facebook group for The Client Bundle members only! Get ongoing support and build connections with like-minded creatives that are at the same place in business as you! 



Monthly Live Trainings

Each month you'll get access to live Trainings with Carley, Laney, and other guest hosts!

When you join, you get access to the previous live trainings:

  • A branding Walk through With Abbie Smith, author of Focused Branding
  • A Live Etsy Audit with Carley Zuercher
  • A Marketing Q&A with Carley and Laney, where we talk about marketing during a pandemic, TikTok, and more.
  • Instagram Audit 
  • Networking Amidst Covid-19 
  • SEO Talk 
  • A Chat About Processes
  • Pinterest Audit
  • Tailwind Tips
  • Using Facebook Groups
  • Saving time with Tailwind Create 
  • Business Mindset

More trainings every month!

Flexible Payments

Now offering two ways to pay! Pay in full or choose a payment plan with 4 monthly payments. Both get you instant access to all the content and Facebook Community!


Email Templates you can copy and paste to ask Clients for Reviews, Follow Up with a Networking Connection, and more! 

Styled Shoot Checklist   |   Ideal Client Worksheet   |   Marketing Campaign Worksheet 

...and our Marketing Roadmap, to show you where to start! If the idea of taking on Etsy, Pinterest, SEO, Instagram, AND Networking sounds daunting at this point, don’t worry! We totally get it. So we’ve included a roadmap which will answer the question “Where THE HECK do I start?” based on the type of business you own and the type of client you want to attract. 

About the creators

Laney Schenk & Carley Zuercher

As creatives who are regularly booked out months in advance, "how do we find clients?" is the question we get most often! While the answer can vary depending on your individual business, there is a framework that many, many successful creatives have employed. The Client Bundle is created by experts at marketing on several different platforms, to give you all the information you need to get booked out months in advance - no matter which platforms you prefer!

Laney Schenk

from Design by Laney

Laney Schenk built her company as a self-taught designer after 5 successful years in B2B sales with a Fortune 10 company. She brought that corporate savvy into the creative world, to teach other entrepreneurs business acumen skills. Her mission is to inspire creatives to take themselves more seriously as both artists and businesspeople, and elevate the industry as a whole. Laney encourages other creatives to be fierce, focused, and to question the way things have always been done.

With 5 years of experience in the industry, Laney is an expert at sales, Instagram strategy, building an authentic and dedicated following, and networking for success in the creative industry.
Outside of work, Laney loves yellow, all things chocolate, and her Brittany Spaniel, Bodie! 

Carley Zuercher

Owner of CZ Invitations & Twocan

Carley Zuercher started designing wedding invitations for her own wedding in 2014, and has grown CZ Invitations to a multi-six-figure business. She regularly has over 1m monthly viewers on Pinterest, and makes a significant income via invitation sales on Etsy.

She started Twocan with her husband, Nathan, in 2019 to share her expertise and advice with other budding entrepreneurs. Carley is a Certified Magnetic Coach and has a Bachelor's Degree in Entrepreneurship - both of which she uses to empower other creatives to work less and make more money!

Visit her at, and @carleyzuercher or listen to her podcast, Tipsy Business!

Other Contributors

Sam DiNicola

Sam DiNicola has seven years of experience working with small-to-medium sized businesses in a variety of industries ranging from healthcare to tech firms to luxury brick and mortar retailers to education and more. She built a $50k digital marketing agency while working full-time, and then went on to scale that business to multiple six figures within a year of leaving her 9 to 5. Her clients range from start ups to $10 million+ profit clients, but the thing she loves most about working with her agency and business coaching clients is the ability to work one-on-one with business owners to help make their lives easier and businesses more successful. In her spare time, she loves to travel the country in her camper with her husband and dog.

Visit her at and @sam.dinicola

Abbie Smith from Paragraph Branding House

Abbie Smith is the founder of Paragraph Branding House, full-service branding agency for intuitive humans. Abbie is a brand strategist, identity and web designer with over 8 years of experience designing thoughtfully. Through her commitment to unlocking brand strategy for her clients, Abbie was able to almost double her previous full-time job salary after only 2 years in business, and her client reach continues to grow every year. While joyfully celebrating the humans behind every business, she creates engaging brands and expands them digitally through web design, social media, and online marketing.

Visit her at and @paragraphbranding 

The Client Bundle

Do you want to be okay at finding new clients, or do you want to be great at having clients find YOU?

We're all about working smarter, not harder. In this free masterclass you'll learn which platform is best for your type of business, how to attract clients that are ready to book from stage one and how to get the most out of every piece of content you create.

This Masterclass is at capacity, but you can catch the replay!


What is The Client Bundle?

The Client Bundle is a collection of resources, guides, eBooks & Facebook Group related to finding clients, with a special focus on creative businesses. 

How is The Client Bundle delivered?

The Client Bundle will be delivered via your Kajabi account. You'll receive access to log after purchasing. Once you log in, you'll find all the ebooks and bonus content!

How long do I have access to The Client Bundle?

You will have access to The Client Bundle on Kajabi for download until March 1, 2022. You have until that time to download all of The Client Bundle resources and save them, in order to have lifetime access. The Client Bundle will not be responsible for providing resources if you do not download them before March 1, 2022.

Access to The Client Bundle Facebook Group will last as long as the lifetime of The Client Bundle Facebook Group. The Client Bundle reserves the right to update, modify, or close the Facebook group as needed. 

Who is The Client Bundle for?

The Client Bundle is for all creative entrepreneurs! It has been designed without a specific industry focus. 

Is The Client Bundle for creatives in the United States only?

No! The Client Bundle applies to all countries, although each individual guide will apply to countries where the platform featured exists. For instance, if Instagram is not available in your country, then The Instagram Guide for Creatives will not apply to you. 

Do I have to pay for Ads to get clients using The Client Bundle?

No! Every strategy within The Client Bundle revolves around organic marketing methods. You may need to pay for samples, photos, etc. in order to take full advantage of these strategies, but none of our strategies involve paid ads! 

How much is The Client Bundle?

The Client Bundle is currently $247.

The total value of all paid resources within The Client Bundle is over $400. The estimated value of the freebies are $100, and the estimated value of the Facebook Group over a year’s time is $250-$500. The live trainings in the facebook group are valued at over $250 and this increases with each monthly training! 


What if I only need some of the resources?

The Client Bundle is a bundle for a reason! Some of the individual resources are for sale a la carte on our websites, but the total cost is over $400 - the bundle gives you all the products + tons of exclusive freebies. Even if you haven’t delved into certain marketing platforms, we highly recommend taking advantage of this one-time deal, so that you can grow into them later! 

Who created The Client Bundle?

The Client Bundle was created by Twocan and Design by Laney. The other educators are Paragraph Branding House and Sam DiNicola Digital! We’d love for you to follow along with our individual efforts in addition to this group release! 



How to Attract Clients Using the Platforms You're Already on

We're all about working smarter, not harder. In this free masterclass you'll learn which platform is best for your type of business, how to attract clients that are ready to book from stage one and how to get the most out of every piece of content you create.

Come ready to learn how to find clients and leave with a plan to attract your next 5 clients.

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